Row River Valley Water District

Founded 2010 by the Row River Community

Commissioners Terms

Position 1 Expires 2015 - John Eckstine (voted in to finish term)

Position 2 Expires 2017 - Robert Dill

Position 3 Expires 2017 - Jacqueline Gwaltney

Position 4 Expires 2015 - Jon Lundquist

Position 5 Expires 2015 - James Eckstine

Commissioners are elected to Board Offices:


Vice President                 Robert Dill

Secretary/Treasurer       Jacqueline Gwaltney

Director of Operations   James Eckstine

Director                           Jon Lundquist

Board officers are voted annually by the Board of Commissioners.

Row River Valley Water District

Mountain Fresh Clean Water

 Thanks to Your Volunteers! They work on your behalf each month.
Opportunities include:

  • Serving as a Board Member

  • Meter Reading

  • Meter clean-up

  • Water facility lawn mowing & clean-up

  • Flaggers

  • Back Flow Testing